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About me

With a long and rich experience in the field of public relations and more particularly in events, I have always liked to work in the field to put my skills to good use. 


After having had the opportunity to work for a contemporary art foundation in Switzerland as an events and sponsorship manager, I quickly had the desire to expand my services. This led me to create my own agency offering a personalized service to clients who wanted to use services adapted to their needs. 

About La Conciergerie CoCo

The health situation in 2020 has allowed me not only to fulfill this desire but also to expand my professional choices. In addition to organizing events, I wanted to provide my clients with services to simplify their daily lives.

This is how La Conciergerie CoCo was born. 

Our Quality Guarantee

My objective is to respond to the wishes of a demanding and desirous clientele and to ensure the services best adapted to their needs. 


Respect, trust, professionalism and confidentiality are among the strong points of my professional background that I want to put at your service.  With my knowledge of organization and planning, I can provide you with valuable assistance in your daily life and organize your home environment according to your wishes. 

Corinne Faessler-Martinez, Director and founder of La Conciergerie CoCo.


"Time is the most precious of properties, nothing can redeem it" Jean-Louis Moré (1840) 


For more information,

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